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The health and maintenance of computers often go neglected. Although computers may be considered one of business' most valuable commodities they are still largely overlooked by an alarming percentage of persons worldwide. Almost everyone has experienced one of the following situations first hand: erratic computer behavior, email problems, unexpected program and computer crashes, loss of data and general hatred for a device which was supposed to improve your life without causing more problems!

Despite common misconceptions, computers are more akin to things that require routine care and maintenance. Much like your favorite pet, hair style, car or garden, your home and business computers need regular attention to the small details in order to keep them functioning and orderly. Banshee Computer Consulting can step in and help get your business moving.

Banshee Computer Consulting offers these web design & e-commerce solutions:
» Internet promotions
» Internet auction websites
» Internet shopping sites & shopping carts
» Internet marketing via email
» Credit Card Processing
We at Banshee Computer Consulting stress the importance of a strong, usable business website. Our experience in web design allows us to provide quality business websites that business operators utilize in day-to-day operations. We also offer customized e-commerce (online shopping) websites for capitalizing on untapped revenue via the internet. Our partnerships with web hosting companies ensure that websites are hosted on tested software and powerful hardware to guarantee the availability of your website.

Banshee Computer Consulting has been creating and operating internet auction websites for our customers for numerous years. Through this we have refined our auction software and streamlined the entire auction experience for both administrators and site viewers.

We also offer products and services for computer & computer networks:
» New Computers
» Upgrades
» Notebook computers
» Computer Software Service & Support
» Networking
» Wide Area Networks
» Wireless / Wi-Fi networks
» High speed Internet (including DSL, cable and T1 connections)
Dell Laptop

At Banshee Computer Consulting we strive to offer complete solutions. Whether you need assistance with spyware and virus removal, expertise configuring a computer network, or professional help with web design - Banshee can deliver.

We invite you to explore some of the services we have for business and home-users alike. Don't forget to check out our free Computer Guides section for information on keeping your computer in good working order. The menu to the right lists the core services we currently offer. We operate in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area and serve a majority of the eastern suburbs. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at or call us at 440-338-1701.
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Viruses, outdated software, overloaded networks, obsolete hardware, crippling spyware...
This is only a fraction of the problems that plague today's businesses and decrease productivity in the workplace.